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Panic on the Home Front

Kevin Herald Blog Recently I discovered my Unemployment stops coming in at the end of September. After losing my mind in over the immediate panic from the situation, I crawled out from the corner in which I lay huddled in the fetal position rocking back and forth to better access the problem.

Unemployment provided me approximately $600 a month--a very helpful some of money considering it really provided the majority of my income. And by majority, I of course mean almost all of it. Without this sum of money I find myself in a few tight bind. I was already attempting to cut down on spending as much as humanly possible, but now I must tighten that belt even more. No more Boar's Head roast beef for me ($9.99 a pound). No dear friends, now it's down to regular Piggly Wiggly brand roast beef ($6.99 a pound). Although, to be honest, I'm getting a little tired of roast beef anyway. There's always chicken breast, which is cheaper and provides a healthy amount of protein itself.

In order to better compensate I've also tried to get a few more freelance gigs, which my good buddy Ben Morse has been helping with in ways I can never repay. The real dilemma for me comes in the need to obtain a part time job as soon as possible. I applied to a few places before, but never got a call back. However, without my monthly Unemployment, I definitely need one immediately. Unfortunately, with a part time gig, I am concerned it could possibly hinder my freelance work, as normally I have to work around the schedules of people I need to interview. Regardless, with the panic subsiding a bit (but believe me, still there) I know I must strap in and really prepare for the bumpy road ahead.

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