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They're For Sneaking

Kevin Herald Blog

During my surprise visit home, I decided to try and hit all the shoe stores around the area to find myself a new pair of sneakers. See, the ones I currently have fell apart on me. The laces are all ripped up and the front seam on the right sneaker opened up to where my sock-clad toe pops out every now and then like an albino gopher looking for its shadow in order to let me know if there's still time before I need to buy a new pair of bleeding sneakers. The sad part is that I purchased this pair of sneakers less than a year ago. I actually like these sneakers, too. As much as one can like a pair of sneakers in the aesthetic and comfortability sense.

Looking back, I'm honestly not surprised at the somewhat cheap quality of these feet cushions (what? I just said sneakers 6 times in the previous paragraph. I wanted something different). I bought them from Payless for about $25. At the time, I thought, "Cheap, snazzy and comfortable? Deal!" But surprise, surprise: you pay for what you get. Looking around the stores now though I realize how expensive a good, reliable pair of sneakers can get. Pairs of Nike and Adidas sold for anywhere between $40-$80, which is practically a fortune for the unemployed. Not only that, but I also discovered how picky I am when it comes to these things. Beyond being comfortable, I found myself inspecting color, how they look, if they stood out too much from what I normally wear. I checked out a pair of Converse (something I feel might look good with a pair of regular jeans and even a suit if handled properly), but couldn't decide if I they ended up making me look like an older guy still trying to dress like a teenager.

Anyway, I ended up not getting anything as even the pairs I did like weren't available in my size. Anyone have any advice on where to find a reliable and affordable pair? Any advice on styles and brands you think look good?

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