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I Fought The Law, and...yea...

Amanda Bar

This weekend myself and a bunch of friends traveled up to Disney World for the Mickey's Not-So-Scary Halloween parade (think Halloween Horror Nights, but not scary in the least).  Unfortunately my foot was a little over-excited to get us up to Orlando, and I was pulled over by the Florida Highway Patrol doing 79 in a 70 MPH zone!

Some of you might know that I work for the Pembroke Pines Police Department, but this particular lieutenant was having none of it.  Despite my smiles and the batting of my eyelashes I received my first ever speeding ticket!  Perhaps it was because of the festive mood but the aftermath of this event didn't quite reach my brain until we were settled in our hotel room at Disney.  The cost of the ticket alone is $131, not to mention whatever additional fees I'd have to pay for a drivers school to remove points from my otherwise impeccable record.

Luckily I know a little something about the procedures needed to clear up a ticket, and as soon as I came home on Monday I looked up a recommended online drivers school & took my exam.  The course cost $9.99, with an additional $5 shipping charge for my certificate.  In total my lead foot is costing me $146, on top of the money I already planned on spending during my Disney vacation (my ticket, hotel room, food, etc.).  However, because of this citation, I made an effort to curtail my souvenir spending sprees.  I ended up only getting two or three items during the entire trip - a huge difference when compared to my previous Disney excursions!  It's just unfortunate that this prudence had to come on the heels of a traffic ticket...

Side-note: Happy Halloween, everybody!

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Better value for your dollar would have been to hire a traffic attorney. I used to have a bit of the lead foot myself, leading to 6 speeding tickets over a ten year period. I brought every one to the same attorney. Max I paid was $83 - and every single ticket was thrown out. As a first time offender, your attorney would have had no issues having the citation dismissed.

Paying the ticket and electing driving school is just about the silliest thing you could have done short of ripping the ticket up in front of the issuing officer.



I consulted a friend at the PD who had a similar experience with FHP just two weeks prior, and he hired an attorney for about $180 - way more than my ticket is worth.

Also, I have other friends who have all chose the drivers school option & have never heard a word of complaint from them. I'd rather have the thing done with, on my own accord, then have to wait for an attorney to speak on my behalf.

But good to know, however, in case I find myself in this mess in the future.

discount vacation

Oh, it happens to everybody. Caught in the middle of a ride. Well, I hope you had fun in your Disney vacation.



Eliza -

I happened to have had a very nice trip, except for that pesky ticket! At least I have a story to tell, though.

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