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Kitchen Renovation, Underway!

Amanda Bar
After getting quotes from three different companies (Smart Buy Kitchen USA, Home Depot, and Wood Trends) in regards to my kitchen remodeling project, I've decided to go with Wood Trends.  Not only do I get a great deal because, as it so happens, the president of the company is none other than fellow blogger Kevin's mother, but even nepotism notwithstanding the prices ended up being cheaper than the two other competitor's I visited.

Wood Trends is asking $7,339.08.  This cost includes the removal of my old kitchen, the new cabinets and granite countertop, cabinet fixtures, crown molding, and a stainless steel sink.

Home Depot was asking between $6545 and $8789 for the American Woodmark cabinets.  Installation would cost an additional $79 per kitchen "box" (which would equal about $800 for the size of my kitchen), and $1400 for tear out & haul away.  Add onto that the price of the countertop and he estimated the total cost of my remodel between $10,023 and $13,136E-gads!!  And here I thought Home Depot would be the cheap alternative...

Smart Buy was a very close contender for getting my business because their prices were actually very decent.  $6,971.91 for the cabinets, countertop, and installation, with an additional fee of $250 for demolition and removal of my old cabinets.  However, this price (unlike Wood Trends) did not include the hardware and sink.  The additional costs would end up totaling more than Wood Trends in the end.

Now that this important decision has finally been made I can't wait to sign some papers, hand over some money, and get this show on the road!

12/09 Edit: Since I've been asked, here is the contact information for Wood Trends (they do not seem to have a website currently): #954-567-1000, 2133 N Dixie Hwy in Wilton Manors, FL 33305.

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Inquiring Minds

What are you doing about appliances?


I have yet to settle on my plans for appliances (since everywhere I go seems to not do package deals anymore), but Kevin's mother, Sandra, advised that she might be able to get me a good price on all four appliances via a friend of hers...I am waiting to hear back from her in regards to this.

Nirvi Shah

Amanda! Congrats! I'm very excited for you -- and impressed with your legwork. How far does Wood Trends extend their services? Do they go to other counties?


Hey Nirvi,


If you go to this website -
http://www.merillat.com/ -
you can type in your zip code and see where to buy the same cabinet/flooring products that are sold at Wood Trends. Apparently they get their products through this company.

Kitchen Renovations Toronto

Good job on the comparisons and I'm not totally surprised that what seems to be a smaller chain or local contractor ended up costing you a bit less.

To Amanda above - have you done some shopping around online? Sometimes you can find better deals, and possibly even some packages (and sometimes you can talk someone into doing a package deal over losing your business).

Good luck!

toronto kitchen renovations

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Lawrence Cooks

That was quite a bargain, Amanda, and it was wise of you to choose the supplier based on price. In this day and age, budget is a big deciding factor. When we had our kitchen remodeling, Minnesota-based construction management agents paved the way to more savings than we expected. Plus, we had more power over every choice that had to be made, so the project was really personalized. I was even allowed to do some of the tasks there, so now I can say that I've had an experience in kitchen remodeling. MN remodelers could use an extra hand.

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