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Kitchen Remodel Nears It's End

Amanda Bar

Work is nearly finished on my kitchen remodeling, and below I present you with a step by step deconstruction (and reconstruction!) of the entire process.  I'll be saving the final reveal for a separate post, but enjoy the mess:

Day 1, in which you can see the original kitchen in all it's glory.  Sandra Mahadeo (of Overseas Traders) can be seen taking measurements.

Kitchen 1 

Day 2, and the original kitchen is now completely removed.  The new upper cabinets are assembled and await being mounted.  As you can see, the removal of the original kitchen revealed some mold and mildew damage that had to be fixed with some bleach and Kilz.

Kitchen 2 

Day 3, and the basic frame for the cabinets are up.  The microwave has also been attached.

Kitchen 4 

Day 4, wherein the cabinet doors have been installed.

Kitchen 5

All that remains to be done is the hardware (cabinet handles, etc) being attached, and my remaining appliances to be hooked up.  The granite is set to be installed by Tuesday or Wednesday of this upcoming week, and I've already picked out a backsplash and lights to be placed underneath the cabinets.  Beyond that, I basically have a ready-to-use kitchen!  This entire process took less time than my master bathroom renovation (which surprised me), but this time around instead of going through an independent workman I used a specialist (my friend's mother, Sandra, who was pictured above). 

I highly recommend to anyone doing major house work to not cut corners by using cheap handymen - I've been much happier with this entire experience than the stress-filled ordeal of my bathroom.

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Air Conditioner Repair St. Pete

I like the design, only lacking part is the paint on it.


One of the last things I need to do in regards to my kitchen is to chose/order backsplash tile. Hopefully that will be handled within a week or two.

Hardy Coufal

I definitely agree. If you want professional results, get a professional to do all the work. It will definitely be worth the price. I can't wait to see the results of your kitchen remodeling!

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