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Big Furniture and Big Price Tags

Amanda Bar

Since moving in I’ve been trying to clean up the wreck that is my new house, but I’m unable to unpack several boxes because I have yet to purchase a wall unit to store my numerous DVDs, game consoles, as well as our flatscreen TV.  Naively I figured that I would be able to go out on any given weekend and simply buy an entertainment center, but silly me…those things are expensive!

I’m used to having a lot of storage, and I had no idea that the type of wall unit I am accustomed to can run so expensive.  I've searched Haverty's, Ashley Furniture, Rooms To Go, and even Ikea; all of the large entertainment centers seem to be priced at the $1000-$1200 mark, which is about twice the amount I was looking to spend.

I've browsed through Overstock.com and they seem to have more reasonable prices, but I'll have to settle for a piece that is smaller than I had originally planned.  Another option is that I can purchase a TV stand at a drastically lower price, and somewhere along the way I can buy shelving units that (hopefully) match for my DVDs.  I like the look of one cohesive entertainment unit, but for my price range it looks like I'll have to settle for second best.

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Furniture Quest

Suggest you try outlet stores. We have found some great prices on pieces like this at factory outlet stores. There are also some affordable kit pieces you can buy online for around $300 to $400. Recommend you try Google shopping and sort by price.


Patience is a virtue, and therefore start hunting the thrift stores. Miami Rescue Mission's Bargain Basement, Salvation Army, Douglas Thrift Store, and others have entertainment centers for hundreds less. With a little creativity and luck, you can get the entertainment center you want. Another idea is to constantly visit craigslist (where I got mine).
When furnishing my home a few years ago, money was extremely tight. I found excellent bargains while learning what makes good furniture. Creativity came into play with paint and new knobs. Everyone that came over kept exclaiming over my furniture. Everything is used. It took six months of steady hunting, but well worth it! Good luck!

Ashley Labrie

Think outside the box! I got a smaller TV stand at Walmart, and then found the matching bookcase in the closet section. The bookcase looks like the IKEA Expedit square bookcases but cheaper ($40 at Walmart or Target). The TV stand was by Canopy and ran about $120. I chose the TV stand because it had a backboard to hide the many many cords from the playstation, wii, xbox, and cable box. Plus there were two cabinet doors for various games, and a drawer for all the accessories. The movies are all on the bookcase. For under $200, it works GREAT. And the best part is if I need more storage I can just buy additional cubes to make it like a Tansu chest, or a whole other bookcase.

Ashley Labrie

BTW...TV stand price was AFTER tax.

But definetely try searching "Closetmaid" or "modular storage" or "cube storage" on walmart.com if you need shelves and stuff:

Tansu style:

Here are the shelves, but wait til they go on sale if you can or try Walmart because they regularly sell for 39.99...also it comes in more than white (we have espresso):

wall mirrors

Try to canvass stores which are cheaper so that you can budget your money. And have extra to buy something that is very important. It's really difficult when your moving to a new house.

wall mirrors

It's really difficult when trying to transfer and you don't have that cash to buy some new freebies. I do experience those difficulties but thanks God I overcome it. But you are a amazing! You handle the situation.

Cooper Classics

First thing first is to canvass to stores who has cheaper price exact for the budget.


I won't wonder if their price are really high. Those furnitures are really great.

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