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Kitchen Accomplished

Amanda Bar

The improbable occurred this weekend, and the tile installer who previously mangled my beautiful new kitchen backsplash managed to repair the damage.  I don’t know how, but he even salvaged enough of the tile that I didn’t need to order any extra (thus saving me the much needed cash).  When I last left him he was in the process of applying the grout, and once that sets for a day or two I simply wipe/clean it off with soap and water and VOILA: my kitchen is finally complete!


With this project finally over & done with I can start wrapping my head around the process of moving all of my stuff into my new home.  I can’t believe this move-in process has taken me almost 9 months, but certain house repairs (and the constant delays & setbacks that came with them) kept pushing back my plans.  Now I just have to focus on the nightmare that is sorting through, packing up, and relocating all of my odds & ends!  I don’t suppose any of my big & burly readers would be so kind as to volunteer their services for all of the heavy lifting?  Huh, huh?  (and cue the chirping crickets)


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Nirvi Shah

More pictures please! And congratulations!!

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