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The Politics of Tipping

Amanda Bar

A couple hours ago I went over to the Pembroke Lakes Mall and got myself a haircut.  The trim and style itself cost me $19.95, but then we come to the tricky part of figuring out the tip.  I know 10% is the base suggested rate, but a haircut - like certain other services - seems like it would be an exception to the rule.

I put in a quick Google search as soon as I got home and came up with answers that more or less confirm my suspicions.  According to various websites the recommended amount for salon tipping is between 15% to 20%.  Still, considering that I frequent relatively inexpensive hair salons (MasterCuts) I find that I'm more comfortable to throw a few extra dollars the stylist's way.  However, it also depends on the experience I have that day and with the stylist.  Take my haircut for today: the salon was empty and my stylist gave me a freebie blow-dry and style because I was her last customer.  The blow-dry alone would have cost me an extra $10.

Do you have an opinion on this matter?  What other services require a bend in the 10%-rule?

Also, if you're interested in an update to my recent trip to Disney World: Trying to curb my spending resulted in a partial success.  I only bought one souvenir, but it was a rather expensive exclusive Haunted Mansion ceramic platter ($35).  Still, progress is progress I suppose.

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Ashley Labrie

So I'm a bad person and totally throw off the tipping scale. I tip 20% for nails, but I have been known to tip 30-40% for hair. For me, it is about the quality of the cut and style, the overall experience, and also, whether or not the stylist remembers me. I prefer to tip more and become a regular client if I like the work especially since I only cut my hair 2-3 times a year and color 2-3 times as well. If someone gives me a high end style, I'm going to tip as such so I always get them again.

Ashley Labrie

Oh and the extra cost of tip was worth it. The stylist blow dried, deep conditioned, and heat set my hair in rollers so it lasted through the whole weekend. I love when they do that after a cut because my grandma (was a beautician) says it helps calm and train the hair so you don't get that freshly cut hair freakout stage.


Ashley - I feel the same way! For this recent haircut I tipped the girl $10 on a $20 bill because 1) I loved my hair, and 2) she was super nice & gave me that free blow dry & style.

Ashley Labrie

I'm so surprised they did that at Master Cuts. I haven't had the greatest experiences there so I go to Battalia and Hair Cuttery (both in the mall). Plus now I have to pay extra for long hair. Boo!


They have new management there (she happened to be the one cutting my hair, so she told me all about it!), and she said how they are re-training all of their staff and should be remodeling the place soon.

I usually go to MasterCuts or some Hair Cuttery on Taft.

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