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Kitchen Design Disasters

Amanda Bar

This Tuesday I had work started on the backsplash to my kitchen, and I should have known that it wouldn't take long for disaster to strike.  When I go over to check on the progress of the job earlier today (Wednesday), I am greeted by this image:

Apparently during the night and over the course of the day the glass tile started peeling off the wall!  Even worse, several of the pieces had shattered against the granite countertop and tile floors.

Now here is the thing: the tile installer (Mike) began work on Tuesday but indicated that, due to prior arrangements, he could not continue the job until this Friday.  That means that on Tuesday he basically had time to slap some glue on the wall, attach the tile & go.  The problem is that this particular brand of tile did not come attached to a mesh - instead the tiles were affixed to a clear piece of tape and obviously he had never encountered this before, because instead of applying the non-taped side to the wall he instead glued the tape side to the wall. 

The piece of tape, might I add, is only there to keep the tiles in position until they are set in the glue, and then it's meant to be peeled off and thrown away; this is what is referred to as a "front-mount" application.  Without being secured by glue to the wall the tiles started to detach from the tape, thus leaving me with a backsplash that has to be completely removed & repaired.

Due to the amount of damage I know I'm going to have to order a couple extra sq. ft. of tile to replace the broken ones, but what this may cost me is currently unknown.  However, don't plan on me forking over any money for this shoddy installation!

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Tal Mazor

While I feel your pain, I must say your story made me chuckle. As an owner of a tile and marble business, in business for over 30 years, we see this kind of thing all the time. Mike, the so called "tile installer", probably took a "how to install tile" class at Home Depot and decided he was now an expert. The unfortunate thing is depending on what adhesive he used behind the tile, that face paper may be very very stuck, and now not only ruined all your tile but also your wall. I would highly recommend removing all the paper before installing new tile to assure you have a proper bond. Also, I would inform Mike that he not only is not getting paid but should be liable for replacing the tile he ruined. Just my 2 cents, good luck.

Kitchen Design

As bad as it is, worse would be he was able to grout, which would hold the tile in place (for a while), then this would have been a bigger mystery.


Tal Mazor -
Oh, I completely see the humor in the situation...it's just my wallet doesn't find it as funny as the rest of me does! :) Luckily (as I detail in my newest post) he fixed it.

Kitchen Design -
That WOULD have been awful! Thankfully he hadn't opened the grout at that point, because I could just imagine the wreck that would have greeted me the next day... Ugh!


Oh, well, stuff happens, I guess. For my own self, if the guy who messes it up makes it right, then that works for me. However, the professional tile guy who questioned your installer's competence may well have a point.

Joey "Mold And Mildew Removal" Carlson

Well, too bad, you should talk again to your worker he needs to fix that, you pay him and he needs to clean up his mess. anyway, nice share.

Kyle Harrison

Good to know you were able to manage it. I hope there weren't any serious damages done to your counter and floor, that would have been too much! Maybe next time you should watch the tile installers, or better yet any crew that would be working in your house, just to avoid future mishaps.

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