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TV Solutions at Target

Amanda Bar

As I detailed in my previous post I had been searching various furniture stores for both DVD storage options as well as a TV stand. (P.S. - thank you, readers, for the various advice!)  My solution came from a somewhat unexpected source - my father had spotted some likely furniture over at our local Super Target.

I don't really equate Target with large pieces of furniture, but apparently the Super Targets carry a variety of living room storage pieces for relatively low prices - $179.99 for the TV stand and $99.99 for the matching bookshelf (of which I bought two).  I had been awake for close to 18 hrs, it was storming outside, and I was sick of living in a house full of boxes; maybe I could have dug around a little more and saved some money by holding out for more options, but at that point I was done with the entire mess and I decided to save myself the stress.


(Click image for the full picture) I think it looks nice, and for the total cost of $402.77 it's a set I can be quite happy with for several years to come.

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How beautiful. I have been looking for those book shelves at the Target in North Miami, and can not find them. Which target did you go to?


Roseline -

I went to the Super Target at Sawgrass Mills Mall. They had to go in the backroom to get me another bookshelf, but the TV stands had several in stock when I left and they might have re-ordered more bookshelves by now.

Ashley Labrie

It looks great!!!!!!! And sooo much cheaper compared to IKEA and some other setups. :)

Jeff Dentzer

Meh. I think IKEA is cheaper. Or going to a 2nd hand store and getting something "retro" and doing a DIY out of junk-- it's amazing what you can do with some gloss-finish red paint and a little chutzpah. JMHO. I got my Billies and Aspviks from Ikea for way less than $400 and looks much better than that-- I can post a pic?

Jeff Dentzer

We do love Target and their co-opting of brand identity proxy designers like Shaun White and Isaac Mizrahi though! They have the right idea.


Jeff -

Normally I buy most of my furniture at IKEA; my entire bedroom set is from there, as well as the bookshelves in my guest room. The entertainment centers, though, were either too expensive for the size I wanted or not my style.

I'd love to see pictures if you have them!

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