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Welcoming Myself Home

Amanda Bar

Allow me this brief moment to pat myself on the back, because this past Sunday I finally, fully and completely, moved into my new house!  Being a puny and weakly-muscled person I enlisted the help of several of my police department co-workers…all of whom failed to show.  (And don’t think I’m not spiteful enough not to list your names here individually, you jerks!)  Luckily my roommate Bridget’s friends were more reliable and we had three hunky males at our disposal for a good 4 ½ hours of heavy-lifting.

The cost for their labor was little more than food in their bellies ($50 at Subway, $25 for the follow-up ice cream – paid for 100% by me, with the food being shared by 7 people).  Bridget’s father also rented out a U-Haul which cost a set base rental fee and an additional .99 cents per mile driven; the total price of the rental ended up around $70, and Bridget and I split that at more or less $35 each.

The biggest expense of the day, however, had to be the tax on my poor and over-used muscles.  If my current soreness is any indication, this will be a fee I’ll be paying for days to come.

Stay tuned, for pictures will soon follow!

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