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Costly Costume Projects

Amanda Bar

Not that I need to further establish this, but I happen to be a huge nerd.  About a year ago I made a little creative project out of fashioning myself a Hawkgirl mask (Hawkgirl being a DC comic book character), and with the annual Supercon comic book convention approaching in June I’ve decided to finish up the costume.

The problem is that creating a costume can get expensive really quickly if I don’t keep an eye on my spending.  Luckily several pieces of the outfit I already owned (boots & leggings), and the two remaining clothing items I needed I found via an online dance & ballet supply store for relatively cheap; $12.99 for a gold tank top, and $14.90 for a pair of metallic red “booty shorts”.  Let's break it down, shall we:

Outfit breakdown copy

That sets me up with the basic outfit, but the problem with the character of Hawkgirl is that she’s most recognizable by her enormous wings and her gigantic, face-crushing mace.  No matter which Halloween supply outlet I’ve searched the general pricing for the sort of wings I’m looking for is anywhere between $35 and $60.  As for a mace, I’ve been completely (and surprisingly) unsuccessful at tracking down a fake one – the closest I’ve come to is a toy sledgehammer.  The other option is that I can attempt to make the wings & weapon myself, but I’d have to pretty much pull ideas on where to start out of thin air.

I’ll keep up with my constant internet searches for reasonably priced plumage & medieval weaponry (a combination that sounds weirder on the page than in my head), but once again I am reminded on how my weird hobbies quickly get the better of my common sense & finances!


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