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Monthly Fees VS Instant Movies

Amanda Bar

I love movies, but when lounging at home I’ve never been a huge fan of popping in DVDs – don’t ask me why, but I have to be in a certain mood for movies.  For the past week, however, I’ve had free access to my visiting friend’s Netflix account and I have become a surprising fan of the service.  Having worked at Blockbuster while in college I never much paid attention to the movies-by-mail companies (and frankly the mail in/mail out part didn’t seem all that convenient to me), but Microsoft currently has a deal with Netflix allowing me to view movies instantly through my X-Box Live account.

Now that my temporary housemate is leaving me I’m asking myself if I want to spend the $8.99 a month for my own Netflix.  It’s certainly not a big fee, but I didn’t miss it when I didn’t have access to it and I’m not sure if it’ll be worth it to continue the subscription.  Now if Netflix had a similar instant stream set-up for video games it wouldn’t even require a second thought, but when it comes to movies I’m not sure if a Netflix account would see any use once my friend departs.

However, what with their “cancel anytime” policy I may have to give it a try, at least for a month or two.  And sorry to say, but I’d end up paying way more at Blockbuster if I ever should have the desire for a movie night.

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They have the new boxes at grocery stores. 1 dollar per night. pretty cheap and convinient. You can even reserve online. I used to have the membership fees but I never watched the movies.


I have Netflix but I never bother with the DVDs. We use Luis's xbox to stream movies but if you don't have a good internet connection it can be slow as hell. You can try to look for a free trial of the netflix too...I think bank of america rewards was offering me a 2 weeks or a month free plus cash back with a new account.


Netflix is worth it in my opinion because of their TV show catalog. They have lots of really good seasons available instant, and the $9 bucks pays itself off. I'm waiting for the day I can cancel cable tv and just stream new shows from the web.


I think you all have convinced me: Netlix it is!

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