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The Price of Perfect Hair

Amanda Bar

I accidently stumbled into what might be considered a financial blunder today, but for the sake of science I'm willing to conduct my own mini-experiment now that I've spent the money.

A few weeks ago I mentioned that I got my hair cut & styled over at MasterCuts.  Well, the hairdresser convinced me during my session that I should consider buying some of the salon-brand products at the store, and went on to tell me how many common brands (such as Pantene, which I was previously using) contain the same ingredients that you can find in household cleaners - thus, not very good for your hair!  Being low on shampoo, I decided to swing by and pick up a bottle or two.

$42.29 later I find myself with "It's a 10" shampoo and conditioner, a brand that I have never heard of in my life but, based upon the price, is made from the tears of Chuck Norris.  According to the hairstylist the price will even out in the end because I need to use significantly less shampoo/conditioner to get the same results (i.e. a good lather).  I suppose we shall see, because as of today I am marking off my calendar how long these pricey babies last me.  If my hair looks better than that's proof all on it's own, but if I end up buzzing through $40+ worth of shampoo and conditioner in a few weeks I really can't justify the extra expense.

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Ashley Labrie

Want to have a panic attack?



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MMB - Thanks for the advice. I'm not finding myself very happy with this over-priced shampoo/conditioner.

Ashley Labrie

I just bought Biolage at JCPenny on sale. I stocked up on Black Friday but I was afraid I was going to run out so I got it 2/$22 on the big bottles. I love love LOVE the way it smells.


Ashley -

JC Penney sells shampoo? Never knew!

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