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A Year Of Homeowning, A Year of Mistakes

Amanda Bar

I've now come to the 1-year mark for me as a homeowner, and I can only look back and see how I've so badly stumbled and bumped my way into a reasonable semblance of a responsible property owner.  Ever since this January's tax debacle I've been scrimping and scrounging for ways to lower my suddenly elevated property tax (my property value assessment went from $88,000 to $172,000, when I only paid $144,000!).

One of the easiest ways for me to go about doing this other than petitioning for a lower property value (which I plan on doing, first thing, in August) is to put in for homestead exemption.  I probably should have done this as soon as I bought the house, but as I said I am a new home owner and a lot of these simple things went beyond my grasp or over my head; no excuses, just the dumb facts!  Anyways, as I've already made an online application for my exemption I thought I'd head over to the website and check out my status.

It turns out that if my application is approved I won't know until I get my notice of proposed property taxes in August, which is unfortunate because I could have really used the load off of my mind.  I have no idea why property matters are relegated to the months of August-September, but it's made everything highly inconvenient for me since I've been trying to get this taken care of since January of this year!

My word of advice (if one can be found): RESEARCH!  It's clear that I was relying too much on the knowledge of my parents to tell me what to do, when really it is my responsibility to know what needs to be done.  Simple little websites (such as this) have a ton of information that I wish I had perused before my taxes spiked and, subsequently, my funds nosedived.

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Speaking of reserach....before June 1 you may want to review your homeowner's insurance to make sure you have enough coverage with all of your new upgrades. Also check to see whether you have "replacement cost" coverage or "actual cost" coverage....


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