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Automatic Banking Bloopers

Amanda Bar

It's one thing after another when you own a home, I suppose.  A new emergency sprung up again this evening as I went to check my Bank of America home loan account. Recently money has become a little tight for me, so instead of waiting for the June 1st mortgage payment to be automatically deducted from my checking account I had decided to pay it off a little early (on May 25th to be exact).  The money was removed from my account, and according to the Bank of America website my next scheduled payment was for July 1st.

Thankfully I happened to check my loan today, because when I pulled up my information I see that I am currently in the negative; despite my early payment the June 1st mortgage had been deducted from my account a second time, and I now had a big fat -$900 next to my checking account!  I called BoA's 1-800 number and spoke with a representative who assured me that the fee could be transferred back into my account just as soon as I can make it to a bank location in person, but unfortunately that requires I wait until tomorrow morning.

I have no idea if this banking error will have any impact on my credit, but it certainly has done a number on my nerves; as if finances weren't enough of an issue without this bank blooper stirring up the pot!

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