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Cheap Glass Frames Come Into Focus

Amanda Bar

As someone who has been wearing glasses since the 2nd grade, I know that replacing or upgrading your eyewear can be pretty expensive.  Dependent upon the style or brand name a single frame can cost me anywhere from $100 to $250, so I only change up my glasses once every three or so years.  I don't really mind limiting myself to a single pair of glasses, but I miss out on experimenting with funkier styles and colors in order to save money.

Several websites can be found online that offer cheap frames, but I've never known anyone who took advantage of these online deals until recently.  A friend told me how she had saved big bucks by purchasing several glasses via Zenni Optical, a website that carries a wide variety of styles at prices starting as low as $8!  With prices as low as that you could buy several frames (in a wide variety of styles and colors) that would otherwise be impractical for everyday wear.

I was instantly excited to check out the website for myself, but was dismayed at the confusing order forms; they ask for your "PD" (Pupillary Distance) as if this is obvious information, so you'll probably need to consult with your optician before filling out an order.  Also, if you're thinking of getting prescription lenses through Zenni you'll be out of luck if you have a high prescription like me (-10).  I can still purchase the frames, on their own, at low prices...though, as mentioned, I'd have to trek over to the optician to get the pricey prescription lenses.

For all of you four-eyed people with low prescriptions, however, enjoy the deals!

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That PD is a pain. My optician couldn't give it to me until knowing which frames I picked out. I tried Zenni Optical (and Googles 4 u)and the frames made me so cross-eyed I threw them away. I'll stick with my Walmart frames, thanks. :)

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