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A slick price

Name barAside from invading every minute of our lives, penetrating into our subconscious and clouding once idyllic images of the Gulf of Mexico, the oil leak could forever change our everyday spending habits.

And it doesn't matter if you don't eat seafood or vacation in the South or go to the beach or never drive a car, ride a bus or fly.

That's the message of this piece created by MoneyWatch.com. They mention that the price of seafood will rise -- and already, some types of shellfish, including oysters, are becoming scarce. As if Florida needed it, property values could take another deep-well plunge. Barrel-of-oil-and-dollar-sign

Never mind the environmental price tag, which I can only assume will be an unfulfillable debt, and breaks the heart of this admitted nature lover and vegetarian who has had the opportunity to see an endangered species of turtle lay eggs on the beach and kayak in the Everglades.

But the other side effects of the slick: Taxes could rise, gas prices could increase (though at the moment things seem cheaper than they have been) and everyday stuff could cost more because so much cargo is handled by ports in the Gulf.

Granted, the disaster is creating some jobs, but at what price?

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