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Summer Tips For Cooling Down Costs

Amanda Bar

Since I'm trying to be more conscientious of the money I spend, I've been looking up a lot of helpful ways to save some cash this summer by lessening the load on your air conditioner.  A lot of advice websites suggest options that (for various reasons) don't appeal to me - such as cooking outside - but I've come across a few websites that offer viable suggestions for my over-heated summer lifestyle.

1) Change your air filter. A filthy filter can hike up your cooling costs by working your AC unit harder to produce the same temperature. Filters can be found relatively cheap at any home supply store, and they're easy to replace.

2) Use fans instead of AC. Small spaces can be cooled just as well with a standing or ceiling fan while saving you money. By raising your AC temperature to around 75 degrees and keeping a room fan handy you shouldn't notice a difference, except in your electricity bill.

3) Check your weather stripping. Personally I need to follow up on this advice as there is currently a gap at the bottom of my front door that not only lets in the occasional crawly critter, but also lets out precious cool air! By making sure these cracks are covered you'll find it much easier to maintain a comfortable temperature inside your house.

4) Run your appliances at night. Appliances generate heat when they're in use, so by saving that load of laundry or dirty dishes until bedtime you're less likely to crank up the AC to compensate. I can only hope, however, that your dryer isn't a clunker like mine that bangs and bumps the entire cycle...not exactly sweet night music!

There are many more suggestions available via the web to help keep costs down this season, so make sure to take a moment and figure out what works best for you!

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We should TOTALLY do the swap-a-thon. With sweet sun tea! =)

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