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The Price of Perfect Hair (Part 2)

Amanda Bar

Two months ago (on April 13th, to be exact) I began a little home experiment involving a bottle of highly priced shampoo and conditioner that I was persuaded into trying by my hairdresser.  Normally I'm a Publix aisle shampoo shopper - Pantene Pro V or Herbal Essence is about as costly as I get - but together both bottles for my trial experiment (It's A 10 brand) cost over $40, and I was wondering if the difference in my hair would prove worth the excessive price.

Just today my bottle of conditioner sputtered to an end, leaving just a small bit of shampoo remaining.  For $40 I got over two months worth of product, which isn't bad considering 1) I shampoo and condition my hair every day, 2) my hair length (well past my shoulders), and 3) I've had house guests that have been using them as well.  And I would actually say that I did notice a difference in the quality of my hair; I seemed to have less of an issue with frizz or dry-looking strands.

All in all I'd say the cost proved worth the results, though I've bought a slightly cheaper variety (Paul Mitchell) of salon-quality hair products to test out next.  Considering that I don't waste money on extraneous hair care products like hair spray, gel, or mousse I think I can justify to my wallet the extra shampoo/conditioner expense.

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