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Hostess With the Not-So-Mostess

Amanda Bar

My sister gave birth to my second niece last month, and due to extenuating circumstances we had to postpone the baby shower until this weekend.  Unlike the baby shower for the last child, however, I’M the official hostess this time around…and it’s stressing me out!

I was thinking that it would be a relatively small gathering of family members and close friends – not nearly the size of the first baby shower – but the final guest tally has reached 19 people, and my new house isn’t exactly equipped for a sit-down gathering of that size.  I’ve been scrambling, last minute, to figure out a way to seat all of the guests without having to resort to renting/buying extra chairs.  If I know you and you have available porch furniture, I’m stealing them.

Another concern is not so much food, but beverages.  The sort of parties I’m used to throwing are decidedly less fancy than a baby shower, so bottles of liquor and soda usually suffice.  I have absolutely no idea what to serve people at a cute little brunch event – mimosas? Sweet tea? Rum punch?  Should I buy a carafe to make it look nice and fancy, or can I get away with pre-mixed (and bottled) drinks?

This entire event is sending me into nervous fits with all the details, but I hope (for my sister’s sake) that I can at least pull off a decent gathering without (for my sake) losing control of my budget and mind.

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As for drinks, maybe sparkling pink lemonade? Although mimosas are nice, alcohol is not expected at baby showers. And if you have a few pitchers, you can use the powdered pink lemonade with sparkling water or club soda. That, with iced tea, would be plenty.
Good luck!

Amanda Conwell

Natalie - Thanks for the advice; that lemonade idea sounds really cute & refreshing!

emily post of the twentysomethings

Juice and/or tea and/or lemonade (pink or otherwise!) and/or soda along with water would be fine. You could set up a small "bar" in a corner using a TV tray covered with a pretty tablecloth or placemat if you're not serving a sit down meal. It would probably be cheaper to buy a few pitchers than to have individual bottles of everything. If you are having a sit down meal, than at least have one pitcher to refill water. As for a nice mixed drink for parties, I like champagne sherbet punch. It's pretty & easy and not too expensive. Google it! Good luck.


Amanda- The party was amazing! I didnt expect anything less!! Thank you!

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