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Updated! Introducing It's-only-two-days-til-we-can-shop Wednesdays

Name bar So after months of scrimping, obsessive coupon clipping and sweating because I don't dare turn the a/c below 82 degrees, I've decided it's time to take up a little shopping again. Only for stuff I need and that's truly a good deal, of course. Not as therapy for any particular emotional wound that results in a trunk full of bags. Not as a way to pass the time. But because there's finally a little wiggle room in my budget -- even though I'm still a piggy-banking girl at heart -- and because some of my clothes have become so large they are simply too unprofessional to wear anymore. (Fringe benefit of eating most of my meals at home to save money: eating better, skipping most processed foods and eating normal portions.)

Until now, I haven't used this blog to post some of the really great deals that find their way to me. But two I came across recently seemed really worth sharing, although I'm sure I'm going to incur the wrath of some nutritionists. (If it helps, I'm drinking a spinach-strawberry-blueberry-nonfat yogurt smoothie as I write this.)

Chick fil-a is offering free meals Friday to people who show up at their restaurants dressed like cows. To celebrate Cow Appreciation Day (you know, to prove that you're no chicken, their website says) they are giving some chicken-fried love to those sporting a bovine look. (Just make sure you don't end up looking too much like the real thing by eating there too often.)

In Davie, at Schakolad Chocolate Factory, there is a menu of items now available for a dollar through the end of August. Mondays are a 12-ounce iced drink. Tuesdays are for two medium chocolate-dipped pretzels. Wednesdays are chocolate dipped strawberries. And so on.

And finally, 7-Eleven is giving away 7.11-ounce Slurpees on the day that shares their name, Sunday, July 11.

If you check out any of these deals, or find other can't-not-share coupons or steals, let me know and I'll post them here, every Wednesday.

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