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Sudden and Welcome Tax Surprises

Amanda Bar

I’ve received some really nice feedback in regards to a recent Miami Herald article featuring me regarding the many woes of home ownership that I’ve stumbled across.  One of these messages suggested that I can check the status of my homestead exemption by checking out the Broward County Property Appraiser's website, and while doing so I uncovered that my estimated property value for 2010 has gone down!

The assessed value on my home unexpectedly spiked between 2008 and 2009 from $88,000 to $172,950, an increase which sent my mortgage payments from $750 to $1200 per month.  News that my property has been valued lowered is terrific, especially since it means that I no longer have to worry about contesting the previous assessment with the county appraiser’s office.

I have no idea what my monthly payments will be once this change takes effect, but I can expect it to be lower than what I've been paying thus far - always a good thing!

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