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Daily Discounts In Your Area (For a Price)

Amanda Bar

I go out to eat on a weekly basis, so occasionally I try and browse certain websites to see if any special deals are going on in my area - that's when I came across LivingSocial, a website that offers daily coupons for different venues.  Just specify your city (they provide for the Ft Lauderdale, Miami and Jacksonville areas, as well as other states) and it'll list the current deal going on.  The website advertises discounts of up to 90% off on certain area bars, restaurants and nightclubs, and you can check out some of their past deals here (which include riverboat cruises, golf packages, and laser hair removal treatments!).

...but there's a catch, as there always is.  This website's discounts come with a price tag.  The trick is that you buy your coupons (spend $20 for a $40 gift certificate, for example), and in order to get them for free you're required to enlist at least three friends to purchase the same coupon.  This will be a downside for many who don't enjoy spamming their friends inboxes, but the discounts are pretty stellar if you've already been planning a night out with friends; and even if you don't end up recruiting three friends, the deals are still excellent for the price.

Today's deal is for Domenick's Pizzeria (sadly, a coupon that I am uninterested in), but I plan on checking back on a daily basis to see if anything pops up that is more to my taste. 

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