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A Pricey Transportation Snag

Ali Bar

I couldn't avoid it. I got a monthly unlimited metro pass for the New York subway. At $89, it’s expensive for me, but the subway is my lifeline and I take it for just about everything – shopping, school, to entertainment destinations. It will certainly end up being far cheaper than paying for individual trips. But if I had my bike, which sadly I left in Ithaca, I would attempt to use it for trips around the neighborhood. That could save me money and perhaps some time too.  In Ithaca, I could walk everywhere, and when I couldn't, my student I.D. acted as a bus pass. Public bus rides were free in Ithaca after 6 p.m. and on weekends.  I never put down a cent to get myself anywhere.  Now I'm definitely dealing on a much larger scale in New York, so that adds to the expense.  But if you have a bike, I'd recommend pedal power versus paying for public transport.


Interesting Note: Images from Noorda Design Studio. Bob Noorda, late designer of subway signs.

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