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Beach Day

Ali Bar

Last weekend I went to the beach – a New York beach. Since fall is imminent and, unlike Miami, it actually gets cold here, I wanted to take full advantage of the still relatively warm weather. All it took was a somewhat lengthy subway ride on the A train down to Far Rockaway. As the train nears the beach, the ride becomes quite pleasant and at one point the subway car even goes over the water, setting up a strange juxtaposition. The view out the window is black, black, black and then water. It’s sort of surreal. PhotoA friend and I made the trek down to Far Rockaway and we brought food and had a nice little meal. There were clam shells scattered everywhere and we picked up a few. They’re quite large and now sit on the dining table in my apartment, holding change and all sorts of things. Of course, I didn't swim due to the ice water, but my friend found getting smacked around by the waves invigorating. All in all it was a relaxing day filled with sunshine, food, discovery, and lounging. And it only cost my subway fare there and back.

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