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An Affordable Lincoln Center

Ali Bar

I decided just to get lost in the city the other night. Well, not really lost since I had a notion of where I wanted to end up. Besides, since almost everyone has GPS on their phones now, it's sort of impossible to get lost. But back to the point, I went to check out Lincoln Center. I was curious about the Fashion Week tent they were putting up. I also wanted to check out the Diller Scofidio + Renfro insertions. The space is quite nice.  When I arrived, I found “Hansel and Gretel’’ (the opera) was being projected for the public to watch for free. As I meandered around the plaza, half listening to what was going on with “Hansel and Gretel,’’ I went to the roof of an Italian restaurant, Lincoln, that has just opened (which I probably will never go to, due to its exclusive nature, meaning I can't afford it). One of my professors, who has extensive participation in the evolving nature of Lincoln Center, says the roof can be conceptually looked at as a piece of paper that touches the ground at one point allowing access for the public. I'll definitely be returning and eating on top of the lawn that covers the roof -- rather than down below.  It was a really nice outing for no money at all. Sort of ironic considering most would say Lincoln Center is a rather expensive place to go. The reality is there are lots of free events and tons of public spaces where guards won’t chase you away. Check out the free performances list here.

Below: Diller Scofidio + Renfro Fashion Week Installation, Paper Concept Model, Lincoln Center's Illumination Lawn


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