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Bike Riding

Ali Bar

Since the weather has been cooling off and a day outside has become quite enjoyable --unless standing in direct sunlight for an excess amount of time -- I thought it would be nice to take a bike ride. I borrowed a roommate's bike and set off from my apartment in Spanish Harlem. I found a trail that runs nearly the entire length of the island of Manhattan along the water’s edge. It was filled with bikers, joggers and people out for a stroll, but somehow it felt completely separate from the city itself. Even though the sun was beating directly on my head, the breezes off the water kept me cool. No vitamin D deficiency here. But as winter sets in here in New York, I’ll probably be begging for my skin to see the light of day.

Biking II: A couple Fridays ago, my class went on a bike tour of Governor's Island. I assumed I was going to need to pay the $15 fee for a bike rental, but it turns out that on Fridays the first hour of bike rentals is free. Our tour concentrated on the future plans for Governor’s Island, including having free wooden – yes, wooden – bikes to offer to everyone who wants to get in a little exercise on the island. If you want to catch a few rays and get in some exercise on a bike in South Florida, I’d suggest Key Biscayne or South Beach.Viewing the world from a bike, you get a completely different perspective than from your car window. Mangrove Cycles in Key Biscayne has a starting day rate of $20, or two hours for $15.

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