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Missed Payments & Overdue Fees

Amanda Bar

I just returned home from a delightful early day of productivity, when I settled down on my couch to watch some TV.  However, a "Your service has been temporarily interrupted" appeared on the screen.  Knowing that Comcast's service is sometimes dodgy, I decided to amuse myself on the internet instead...only to find that I was redirected to a "Welcome to Comcast! Enter your new account number to start up your service!" page.

I called my local Comcast office and described my problem, and to my surprise the operator informed me that it sounded as if my service had been suspended due to a late payment.  Wha-wha-whaaat?  Not only was this mildly embarassing, but I had no way to prove if I did or didn't make any recent payments because I couldn't access my bank account via the internet. 

I placed a call to the main branch and discovered that I had a delinquent balance of $115.37, and within a minute of handing over my credit card information my TV sprung back to life and my internet was restored. As easy as that was, I unfortunately still earned myself an unnamed fee on my next bill for the re-connection service.

I have a very poor memory, and I rely on email notifications (from Comcast, FPL, etc) to remind me to make my payments.  That I could accidently not recieve a reminder, or perhaps my Hotmail account randomly flagged it as spam?, is disturbing to me because now I'm on high alert that a similar situation can occur with another bill.  Since I already had Comcast on the line I had them set up an automatic payment plan with my bank account, but I'll definitely have to be more vigilant with my other monthly payments.

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