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Succumbing to Impulse Shopping

Amanda Bar

The impulse fairy has struck again; that unstoppable, wallet-draining phenomenon that I have carefully been avoiding for months now.  As I’ve comfortably been settling into my new home, and as I have completed most of my major home reconstruction projects, I’ve been left to consider the smaller details around the house that I would like improved.  One of these little considerations led me to the $349 purchase that I very recently stumbled into.

I have a large amount of jewelry - not real jewelry, mind you, but fake (as long as it sparkles who cares if it’s real, am I right?).  I’ve been storing most of it in a dresser drawer, but it’s been spilling out into the rest of my room for awhile now.  I’ve long been keeping my eye out for a jewelry armoire to take care of this problem, and unfortunately I happen to have found the perfect match with a not so perfect price.

I’m sure I could have found a better deal elsewhere, which makes the money spent sting all the more, but I was there in Pier 1, they had one more left in stock, and I was overcome with that I HAVE TO HAVE IT sensation that I thought myself cured of!  Alas, it appears as though being a spendthrift is an incurable condition.  On the plus-side, I like to think that all of my careful spending has “earned” me an indulgence such as this…and I can’t deny that (beyond the price) I’m pleased with the results of my purchase.

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Lucy M.

I`m with you. I starting to think I have seriuos shopping issues :)


I like the last time I bought PEX tubing, PEX tools, PEX fittings and only at home found that the time to install it, I really do not have (

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