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Friendly Advice Can Save You Big

Amanda Bar

A friend of mine had recently received a traffic ticket, and while I was hanging out at her house as she was signing up for an online traffic school course I couldn't help but overhear the details of that particular web company; 1) you could not leave your computer as random pop-ups would appear over the 4-hr course to ensure that you were there, and 2) the course itself cost $40.  Cue me barging into the room with a "Stop right there!!".

When I received my first ever traffic citation late last year I googled for a popular internet traffic course, and my first result - GoToTrafficSchool.com - ended up being easy (I could walk away from the computer if I wanted to!), and cheap ($8.95).  Spending four hours of your life repenting for a traffic citation isn't fun for anyone, but it doesn't have to be over-priced!  If you don't take my word for it I encourage you to at least scope around on your own before settling on a pricier solution - a traffic ticket costs enough, no need to add on to it with unnecessary traffic school fees.


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