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Not so Cheap to Stay Clean

Ali Bar

Doing laundry is sooooo expensive in New York.  When I lived in Ithaca, N.Y., laundry rates at both the Cornell dorm and my apartment house were about the same: $1.25 to wash and $1 to dry.  I usually  do two loads, which amounts to a grand total of $4.50.  The laundromat near my  New York  apartment has three washers, one for small loads, one for medium loads, and one for large loads.  I need  to use the medium washer,  which costs $2.50 . The dryer, which charges on a per minute basis, costs me about $1.50  a load. That means I end up spending $8.  Okay,  so maybe it isn't so much more, but I was still shocked the first time I saw it.  Not to mention, the first time I  used this laundromat, I didn't realize the machine costs differed and I ended up using the large ones  at a cost  of   $3.75 per load . Cost of doing laundry: $10.50.  I can only blame that on my unobservant self.  A plus  for this laundromat is that it's  open 24 hours.  I'm not saying I'm going to do my laundry at 4 in the morning, but I have done my laundry around ten at night.  It's convenient for a student 's  schedule  -- actually probably  for   most people's schedules.   Since doing laundry is just one of those things you can't find your way around, I must do it.  I'm sure when  I  get back to  Ithaca I'll exclaim how inexpensive the laundry is there.

To cut down on laundry costs, I've always wondered about making my own soap. But since I'm in perpetual motion, moving every four to six months, I haven't gotten around to it. The recipes I've seen make such  large quantities of laundry soap, however, that I wouldn't know what to do with the leftovers every time I moved . And I certainly don't want to be lugging around a large vat of soap.

But here are some recipes for laundry soap via Tipnut if you'd like to try your hand.

If you have any  other laundry ideas you'd like to share, feel free.

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