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Warranty wise

Name bar I don't usually buy warranties for anything. They usually sound like they will expire the minute the car/phone/coffee maker is old enough to begin falling apart.

When I was buying a new cell phone a year ago, however, the manager at a Radio Shack I went to had been so helpful, I found it a bit embarrassing to pooh-pooh a $2 warranty for a new headset I was getting to go with the phone. When I'd called the store inquiring about a new battery, the manager suggested it might be cheaper to buy a new phone. She was right. I walked out of there with a new phone (that was about 10 years more modern than my old version) and paid only about $20. The phone was free, and the whole transaction cost less than a new battery -- which would have run about $30. I did have to sign a new, two-year contract, but I'd had the account for four years at that point, so this wasn't an issue.

Hence my reluctance to look like a cheapskate about a $2 warranty fee. Cheap-headset-2005.06.26-09.07.40

Sure enough, about a month ago, the headset started falling apart. The doodad from which sound enters my ear was disintegrating. I could still hear, but last week, the whole thing got lodged in my ear, which did not seem like a good idea.

This isn't one of those fancy Blue Tooth jobs that people wear everywhere but the shower (or maybe not.) My significant other pointed out that if the point is to get the cell phone away from my head, having an electronic device essentially planted in my ear defeats the purpose. It's a basic little headset that fits over my ear and attaches by wire to the phone. Since I spend hours on the phone as I do my job, this is way more comfortable than scrunching the phone between my ear and shoulder.

But while I'm typically overrun by papers in my pat-rack lifestyle, the warranty for this quality-of-life changing device was nowhere to be found. I've been on a cleaning fit lately and may not have recognized the document as important, or it could have simply been eaten by my other papers. I wasn't even sure exactly when I bought the thing, which in hindsight I realized I could have figured out from a credit card bill.

Nevertheless, I thought I'd test out the warranty. Surely the store had to have some record of it. When I arrived, I was relieved to be greeted by the same nice employee who sold me the whole deal in the first place. When she eventually found a record of my warranty, she noted a year had past. Waitasecond.  A year and two days. But she was kind enough to give me a brand new headset anyway and sent me on my way.

I'd say that was worth $2, and then some.

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