Budgetary boiling point

It may not be breaking news to Floridians, but it was hot today.  And not just outside, but inside, as well.  I woke up from my nap with that unpleasantly warm feeling that fooled me into thinking for several minutes that I might possibly be running a fever.  Come to find out, the air had been mysteriously turned off by persons unknown!  Running down the list of usual suspects and utilizing my gumshoe detective skills, it was eventually revealed that Bridget had turned off the A/C sometime last night to "save money".  Now, as trendy as this "go green" thing is, my hormone-driven temperature fluctuations cannot deal with an 86-degree household.  And while I can understand cutting corners in certain areas of life, the A/C is not one of them.  I also find it funny that Bridget seems to attempt to save money in one area, while obliviously wasting it in another. 

For one thing, Bridget refuses to use the same towel more than once before washing it.  Bridget also insists on buying little paper sippy-cups  for when she brushes her teeth, instead of using her perfectly good set of cupped hands (that are FREE upon birth).  It's like living with my grandmother, only twice as neurotic.  It's equally amusing and frustrating to witness, yet all-together awesome for making fun of her.

And while the total cost of sippy-cups and towels might not hold up to the expense of powering the air conditioner for a day - in Florida, what is more essential?  Step outside for a moment if you're having any trouble with that question, because methinks the answer is "A/C"!  I don't put my foot down on many things, but when it comes to comfort cost is simply not an issue.  Truth be told, I'd even invest in a new fan for my bedroom if I didn't think I'd electrocute myself in the process of installing it...

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