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Yet another way for your non-friends to see your "private" Facebook photos

TinkerbellFacebook photos of my Halloween costume (pictured here) came up in coversation at work, and one of my editors -- who isn't my Facebook friend -- said they also saw the photos.

The Halloween party photos were posted by fellow Poked blogger Niala, who hosted the party. The editor -- who isn't my facebook friend -- also is not Niala's facebook friend. (But if that editor is reading this post, I'll be happy to add you! Heh, heh...) So if the editor isn't connected to either Niala or I, how did the editor have access to the party photos?

A friend of the editor was tagged in a party photo, so the editor was able to scroll through all the photos in Niala's party album.

I don't mind. Heck, I'm proud of my Tinkerbell outfit! If there was a bad photo in the mix, I would have asked Niala to take it down. But it's just another thing to keep in mind of how people who aren't your friends can still see your photos.

Normally, I block my bosses from seeing photos that friends tag me in, since I don't have control over what stupid photos my friends will share. But here is a case where a privacy setting wouldn't have made a difference.

I guess Niala could have made the party's photos super private. That's not always fun, but I would recommend doing that if you post photos that might be deemed scandalous... or just deemed embarrassing to show the boss if they are of a co-worker. Luckily that wasn't the case for me... this time.


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