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Minnesota Public Radio Interview

According to Minnesota Public Radio's web site, it's -4° in the Twin Cities right now.  (It's 69° degrees right now in Miami :). Why do I mention? Because the lovely folks at Minnesota Public Radio interviewed me for a story they were doing about Facebook and the workplace. Check it out here!


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Hi -- I enjoyed this story. I've wrestled with whether I should open a Facebook account. I want one to get current with my triathlon and marathon friends, but don't want too much exposure of that side of my life (and the sometimes nutty things that go on) to my co-workers. Plus, I'll soon be blogging for work, so the general public might go looking me up on Facebook. The privacy settings info was very helpful.

Hi Sharon, the privacy setting work well also for making it harder/easier for people to find you. If you're really skittish, I would be careful about what networks you join, as well. But everything can be adjusted using the settings key!

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