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Local Social Media Club talks about being authentic online

I was at a Social Media Club of South Florida event last night where the group convened a panel of "creatives" - that is, an only-in-Miami mix of artists and the like:

I've never been to one of these events, and must give props to the moderator for controlling a rather rowdy crowd at Transit Lounge (the panel had to be moved inside because of the rain, forcing the social media types to try to talk about their thing while regulars drank at another side of the bar).

What the event got me thinking about what what Onajide Shabaka said about "being authentic" online -- being a whole person -- not just pushing out your art, your brand, or whatever -- but also being you. That's also good advice for people who don't know where to start on social media.

I was also really interested in the fact that many said though, even though they were definitely people, not just brands or their companies or whatever online, (mostly through Twitter, but also blogs) that they were careful about not being too personal - there are some things they just don't share except in real life.

All sounded great to me, and sounded like they had pretty clear ideas of what they do online versus real life. The great thing about Tweetups like last night, where Twitter folks meet up in real life, is they get to intersect.


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Sorry to have missed it! But being authentic (without sharing TMI - "too much information") is so important these days! So many folks struggle trying to find that balance. I think it's just learned over time as you engage with others on social media.

I am really liking your write-ups after the Social Media Club of South Florida meet-ups - thanks for keeping us on our toes :)

Thanks. It was a great evening and I really got to meet a bunch of new people and, got to finally talk to some people I keep seeing at events by run out of time to meet. Everybody should heed that warning to be themselves. Of course, there are many fakes out there impersonating to take advantage, in a minor or major way. Hope to catch up with you at the next event!

What a great word, huh? And, for those of us who are being authentic, it's becoming easier for us to spot those who aren't! What's really cool is watching how the social networking sites are evolving. What great fun!

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