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Have you given up keeping your FB life private?

Facebook logo There's been a lot written, blogged and said about Facebook's newest privacy settings. Bridget and I thought the WSJ's Decoder weighing in was an interesting summation of Facebook's attempts to monetize itself and stay competitive with Twitter. Basically, the writer argued that in the face of these changes, she's giving up the idea of her Facebook life being anything private or intimate and just assuming it's all for public consumption. Are you doing the same?

How Facebook is making Friending obsolete


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I made private my status updates and left my pics to be seen only by friends and friends of friends. Just like it was before, I think it works fine!

Nope, I'm still keeping it friends-only. I don't want all of my photos wide open for everyone to see. There's nothing unprofessional about them, but I don't see the need to offer that much info to the public.

I tend not to like how invasive it is of my privacy....If I could open one facebook for business....one for personal...and one for family.....that might work...but since I cant...or rather...dont have the time...I opt out.

No way! I will try to keep my FB account as private as I am able, including staying up on all the FB privacy gossip. Why? Useless knowledge. With that said, a professor once told a class I was in to not put anything in an email or on the internet that you don't want to see on the front page of the NY Times. And I don't.

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