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Social Media, Oil and BP

As if BP didn't already have enough, among other things, enough of a public relations debacle to deal with regarding the oil spill, it has yet another issue: a fake BP account that I noticed this morning after Mallory Colliflower tweeted about it. The kicker: it has almost three times as many followers as the official BP account. Ouch.

Bp The tweets are obviously sarcastic, and I noticed today they changed their logo from the official BP one to one that makes it clear they're not exactly official BP public relations.

The account had, when I last checked, more than 12,000 followers. The official BP account, BP_America, has 4,500.

It began on May 19 with this tweet: "We regretfully admit that something has happened off of the Gulf Coast. More to come." While I can't understand why anyone who reads more than two tweets thinks it's an official account, it seems that many people do, according to one Wall Street Journal blog post.


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