About Poked

Is it OK to "poke" a co-worker on Facebook? What do you do if your boss "friends" you? How do you ask for a recommendation on LinkedIn?

Whether you're a social networking newbie unsure about setting up a profile, or a college graduate worried about career-derailing profile details, we're here.

Miami Herald business writer Bridget Carey is taking your questions to help you navigate the pitfalls and rewards of social networking in the working world.

Bridget Carey writes about technology for The Miami Herald. She majored in journalism at the University of Florida and has been a Facebook fanatic since the network debuted in 2004 ... way back when it was limited to college students.

With more than 420 "friends" on Facebook, she's a bit more laid-back when it comes to sharing her personal profile with the world. But she's also a friend of privacy settings because too often she sees her peers make bad profile posting choices.

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