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"How many movies do you see a day?"

In hopes of answering that perennial question (and as a way to make myself blog more regularly - ahem), I'm going to start posting the title of every movie I watch on a daily basis from now until the end of the year. I wish I had thought of doing this on Jan. 1, but I didn't.

The list will include movies I watch for work and for pleasure, in theaters and at home. I won't be reviewing the movies here, but I will try to jot down a quick thought or two with each entry. An asterisk (*) before the title indicates a repeat viewing of a film.

Saturday Jan. 20

* Unforgiven (1992): My second favorite western, after Once Upon a Time in the West. The last 10 minutes, depicting William Munny's vengeful ride back to Big Whiskey, remain the most perfect filmmaking in Eastwood's career.

Sunday Jan. 21

* The Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986): Pretty awful - it is obvious the screenplay was being written on the set as they went along - but strangely, compellingly watchable, especially the long sequence set inside the radio station, which strikes just the right mix of humor and horror Tobe Hooper was aiming for.


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About time sir.

Juan B.

When we list the movies we watch, should we or should we not include porn?


You are right, what was I thinking.

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