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See the future today - well, Saturday

Miamivice_1  If you've been curious about those new high-definition DVD formats increasingly taking up shelf space at your local DVD store, one of the two warring camps, the HD-DVD Mobile Experience Tour is coming to Miami to give you an eyes-on demonstration.

Swing by Bicentennial Park anytime between 4:30-10 p.m. on Saturday and you'll be able to step inside an 18-wheeler that's been reconfigured into a state-of-the-art home theater where you'll get to watch demos of the HD-DVD format in action and have technicians answer questions about the technology.

SearchersI've had an HD-DVD player since last summer and can't get enough of the damned discs: They really do look fantastic, provided you've got a high-definition TV set to watch them on. Even older movies benefit greatly from the increased resolution. The Searchers, for example, looks so detailed and crisp, you'd never to believe it wasn't shot yesterday, except a) John Wayne has been dead for a while now and b) the copyright notice on the back of the DVD jacket reads 1956.

Crank The HD-DVD camp is considered to be the underdog in the battle against Blu-ray, which is Sony's rival technology and has a lot more studios in its corner. The Blu-ray discs look just as good and boast even greater storage capability than HD-DVDs. But HD-DVD has one huge weapon in its arsenal - lower pricing - which cannot be underestimated when it comes to winning over consumers.

Click here for more information on the ongoing battle, which will be decided sometime in the next 12-24 months at an electronics store near you.


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Juan B.

If you ask me, both hi-def DVD formats are going to fail, although it's got nothing to do with quality. But just in case one of them does survive -- and if you must have hi-def DVD now but are afraid of siding with the eventual loser -- I've heard there's a player coming out soon that plays both formats. It's more expensive than either a Blu-ray or HD-DVD player, though.


That dual-format player is made by LG and is already available. It is pricey (around $1200, I believe) although still cheaper than some Blu-ray players, which cost $1500. Yowza!

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