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Tom Cruise loves Scientology. Really, really loves it.

Cruise_2 Wanna see something kinda scary? Gawker has posted a fascinating video of actor Tom Cruise going on and on - and on - about the wonders of Scientology.

I'm guessing the video is something new recruits would be shown during their orientation, since it has the slick production values and jazzy, nondescript musical score of a sales reel - like the kind of thing you'd be forced to watch during one of those timeshare condo hardsell weekend "vacations".

I doubt the Church will allow the video to stay up for very long, so watch it while you can.


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I love this bit of news. Any opportunity to catch an extremely successful, but ultimately weak, person being a complete nutjob for his religion is always wonderful. Tom Cruise's delusion about his own importance is also priceless. Forget David Brent from The Office, Cruise is the real deal.


Give him a break. This is very tacky - - who cares and why pick on him? Could some of us be jealous, by chance? I've experienced that in my life, and it makes one miserable to be ridiculed constantly. Could it be that finding a reason to pick on others makes some of you feel better about yourselves? Probably.


It still amazes me how this guy went from neing one of the biggest movie stars on the planet, to one of the biggest freaks on the planet. The power of scientology indeed.


There is soooo much more to Scientology than this wacky celebrity and e-meters, Hey here's an idea, why don't you cover the real reason Anonymous is protesting? Like the human rights abuses, protection of rapists and child molestors, the secret IRS tax agreement that gives them special exemptions no other religions get, the stalking and murder of critics, the hundreds of front groups, the medical malpractice, the real story behind the founder/scam artist L Ron Hubbard, the dissconnection policy, cure or kill policy toward gays, the brainwashing, the whole XENU story which is really what they sell you after you reach the high levels, the biggest infiltration of US government offices in history, the illegal weapons caches, the slave labor camps on US soil, the blackmail and purchasing of authorities and judges, the abuse of staff, the suppression of free speech, and the hundreds of dead scientologists intentionally driven to suicide? Why don't you tell us more about this? Why not cover the biggest scam in world history? Why not cover the first ever global pickets organized without any leaders by citizens of the internets? How about the fact there have been 3 major worldwide protests since feb 10th with over 10,000 participants in every major city and many small ones too?

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