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Javier Bardem's Oscar speech, translated to English

Bardemcoens For non-Spanish speakers, here's a translation of the Spanish portion of Best Supporting Actor Oscar winner Javier Bardem's acceptance speech: "Mom, this is for you, for your grandparents, for your parents Rafael and Matilde, for the comedians of Spain who, like you, have brought dignity and pride to our profession. This is for Spain and this is for all of us you." (Monday morning correction: A reader points out Bardem actually said "vosotros", meaning the collective you, and not "nosotros", or we/us, as I thought he said.)


For those who don't know, Bardem hails from a family of actors and filmmakers. Bardem's mother, Pilar, and his late grandfather, Rafael, are both renowned Spanish actors. His uncle, Juan Antonio, is a famed director. Read more about him in these two excellent articles, here and here.


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