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Review: An American Carol

Poster In an interview with the Los Angeles Times, director David Zucker said distributor Vivendi Entertainment did not screen An American Carol in advance for reviews because "those [who] don't like the politics will tend to label the film as 'not funny.'"

The implication, of course, is that movie critics are a pitchforks-and-torches mob of raging leftists who will tear down anything that opposes their personal ideologies.

But I can't imagine anyone - Democrat or Republican, liberal or conservative, red-state or blue-state, earthling or E.T. - deeming An American Carol anything other than "not funny." And idiotic. And demeaning. And persistently, astonishingly crummy.

Bad enough to earn a rare spot on my hallowed list of "The Worst Movies I've Ever Seen," An American Carol is testament that the country's culture wars are raging just as strongly within Hollywood as anywhere else. That is the only way to explain the presence of so many famous actors (including Kelsey Grammer, Jon Voight, James Woods and Dennis Hopper) in a film that I suspect even they will never watch in its entirety.

Still_2 The premise, which is as stale and weary as Leslie Nielsen looks in the story's framing device, centers on Michael Malone (played by Kevin Farley, brother of the late Chris Farley), a maker of anti-American documentaries who launches a campaign to abolish the Fourth of July holiday, claiming it glorifies war.

Before he can succeed, though, the junk-food loving slob gets a visit from the ghost of John F. Kennedy (Chris Anglinn), who scolds him on his unpatriotic ways and tells him he will be visited by three spirits - Gen. George Patton (Grammer), George Washington (Voight) and the Angel of Death (country singer Trace Adkins) - who will show him the error of his ways.

340x_2 An American Carol director and co-writer Zucker once created the Airplane! and The Naked Gun franchises, and has since been milking the shotgun-comedy style in an endless series of Scary Movie sequels. He's a pro at the gag-a-second brand of humor, and An American Carol throws so many jokes at the screen that it is inevitable some of them score (like a bit depicting the ACLU as zombies out of a George A. Romero picture.)

As a lame-brained, anything-for-a-laugh comedy, An American Carol is no better or worse than Date Movie or Meet the Spartans. It is the movie's underlying tone - its relentless hammering on its pro-war, anti-dissent, anti-liberal message - that makes watching it such a sour experience. In Religulous, the documentary that also hit theaters on Friday, Bill Maher harps on his anti-religion message in such a strident, condescending manner that he makes even hardcore atheists think about going to church, just to spite him.

Large_carol An American Carol, too, is so hell bent on getting its message across that it becomes a turn-off. Belligerence is rarely ever funny, and when Zucker dares to exploit the smoking World Trade Center ruins as an argument for silencing those who choose to protest war, An American Carol crosses the line into stupefying offensiveness.

For anyone who has ever longed for a film with cameos by Bill O'Reilly, Paris Hilton and Gary Coleman, and for those who think suicide bombers, racism and al-Qaeda are fountains of hilarity, An American Carol is the movie for you. And don't worry if you can't make it to the theater to see it, since the film is already scheduled to hit DVD in early January. The makers of An American Carol aren't just out to patronize conservatives; they also want to separate them from their money as quickly as they can, before word gets out of just how wretched their movie is. After all, what's more patriotic than trying to make a buck?

You can watch the first 10 minutes of An American Carol for free here.


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I wonder what your comments were for Michael Moore's movie when they came out. I am going to watch this movie and enjoy it !!


okay, so this wasn't an accademy award winning movie, but it was definitely worth the money and time to go see it.

It was laugh out loud funny(especially the scenes with all of the children throughout)and quite refreshing compared to so much of the crap that they keep trying to cram down our throats.

Finally, a movie that speaks to those of us who are fed up with the wacko left wing idiots.

willi chirino

I went to see it and I thought it had three or four hilarious moments. Other folks in the theater were laughing out loud also.

But I'm no surprised you didn't like it. It didn't have subtitles and wasn't elitist in the least.


Sounds like a stupid movie for stupid people. You know, like the kind of people who would elect George W. Bush president twice.


I went to see it tonight and have to agree with you.

I left the theatre mad because I stayed through the whole movie hoping it would get funny. It was poorly written and the few funny scenes from the movie trailer were really not as funny when viewed the full context of the movie.

A mind numbing waste of money.


I went to see the movie last night, although I thought it started off a little slow, after the first few minutes it really sped along. Great comedy, great parody, great satire. I have no doubt that the left is cringing and staying up late trying to think of ways to discredit this film...just like the critic above.

This is a must see for all Americans...indeed, even democrats should try to have an open mind and see it, who knows they may even become Americans again.


Good to see all the trolls coming out of the woodwork to post on here claming that this is the most hillarious movie ever. Uh huh. So do you monkey's search around the internet looking for stores about this movie just so you can run in and post just how funny it is. Is the McCain campaign still giving out those points for spamming internet sites? Any of you earn enough for that tote bag yet?

The only idiots who would enjoy this movie are the dumbasses who still beleive Bush has done a wonderful job of this country, and get erections everytime Sarah Palin winks into the camera. To me, there is NOTHING more damaging to this country, or more Un-American then the continued support of policies which have clearly FAILED this nation. This includes all the dolts who made this film, and all the trolls claiming to have seen it and laughed at it. Bush and his policies are SUCH a failure, supporting him and these policies are now the TRUE definition of being anti-american. And there is literally no logical argument which can be made against that anymore.

Ok rant over. Movie looks stupid, subject matter aside. I wouldn't watch it for free.


Hey Juan. Are you a Paid Obamaite? The Movie is good, its the first of its kind, people are tired of hypocritical leftist hollywood .
who whine about injustice, yet live lavishly .typical leftist blah blah. Movie is great.
The Reviewer works for the Herald thats all.


Sounds like a movie by Uwe Boll... The problem with conservatives making comedies is that they never learnt to laugh at themselves. And being a tightass isnt going to get you any laughs. (except at you)


I bet you and the other Obama zombies thought that JFK and Farenheit 911 were factual and balanced.


"The implication, of course, is that movie critics are a pitchforks-and-torches mob of raging leftists who will tear down anything that opposes their personal ideologies."

As demonstrated by this review.


what a childish, hyperbolic review

it was a VERY good film
pro-american films exposing society's worst (Moore) do well

anti-war films, as we have seen, bomb

L. Wieseltier

The really good news coming out of this looming recession - or near-depression - is that vast parts of the mainstream media will simply disappear...major newspapers and magazines, both large, small and niche-oriented, will vanish as the advertising dollars are greatly reduced and/or re-directed to other platforms. And, among the first casualties at newspapers will be movie critics; ones such as this one here, have repeatedlym shown that their opinions are worth less than a pitcher of sweat taken from the nether regions of a monkey.

Not surprised...

"a sour experience"? Maybe for those who watched and finally realize that their views and politics are irreverent to the values and ideals on which this country was founded. Yeah, that experience would make one sour with guilt and shame.
I'll speak for the rest of us and say that it was refreshingly funny and very relevant today.
So, all you sour pusses can go on hating our country, attacing your elected leaders and adding to your ever-growing list of America's faults and why you're entitled to more, more, more. Of course, all of this is while you are taking full advantage of the freedoms and rights that our fathers fought and sacrificed their lives for you to enjoy. Yeah, realizing that would make me sour too.

watch movies

Looks like a very interesting movie- I can tell that just buy the debate developed here :) I think that in America there is much to be done, and one should never close hes eyes to others opinions- he just might learn something new ;)

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