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Happy Thanksgiving

I'll be on vacation until Dec. 8, but I will pop in here sporadically for the occasional rambling, such as telling you what I thought of Che (which I am finally seeing Monday).

A happy holiday to all.


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Have a fun and safe vacation Rene!


So how was Che?


Forget Che, how was Slumdog Millionaire?!


Check out review of 'Che' that appeared in Granma on Friday.


"Let The Right One In" is the best film of the year.

Only playing in South Beach, at the Lincoln Road Theatre.

...and no review from The Herald.

Rene Rodriguez

Lou: I was on vacation last week and we were alerted very late that "Let the Right One In" was opening here. I'm planning on seeing it this week and posting a review on the blog, since I've heard great things about it.


Looking forward to your review of "Let The Right One In".

Believe the hype. It's that good.

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