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Not everyone is looking forward to "Watchmen"

Alanmoore In an interview with TotalFilm.com, Watchmen creator/uber-grouch Alan Moore rails against film adaptations of comic books, why the two mediums don't work well together and even spouts off against the state of the comic-book industry in America.

"The main reason why comics can’t work as films is largely because everybody who is ultimately in control of the film industry is an accountant," Moore told the magazine. "These people may be able to add up and balance the books, but in every other area they are stupid and incompetent and don’t have any talent.

"And this is why a film is going to be a work that’s done by dozens and dozens and dozens, if not hundreds of people. They’re going to show it to the backers and then they’re going to say, we want this in it, and this in it ... and where’s the monster?”

Smile Moore has reason to be skeptical, having had two of his previous graphic novels (From Hell and The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen) turned into middling pictures. So it seems even the highly promising Watchmen trailers aren't doing it for him.

"I will be spitting venom all over [Watchmen] for months to come," Moore told the L.A. Times. Here's hoping crabby Moore is wrong about Watchmen. I should be finding out any day now.


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can't fight this feeling anymore

Moore's just mad about those no squid rumors!


Moore has been saying this same stuff for YEARS now. Long before any o fhis books were turned to movies. He's perfectly entitle dto his opinion, I just dont agree with him.

League of Extroadinary Gentlemen was completely unwatchable though...

And that damn squid...good lord! It's stunning so many people missed the point of the books ending. Wasn't about the stupid squid. Was about its aftermath. Dave Gibbons says the new ending works just as well. It's essentially the exact same thing, just a different means to reach the same end. I trust him over angry fanboys anyday.

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