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Director Stephen Sommers defends "G.I. Joe" against those old, mean critics

Check out some of Sommers' quotes from a Q&A session with Variety's Michael Fleming, who played the director like a harp:

On Paramount's decision not to screen G.I. Joe for critics:

"It’s fun, and it is one of those movies I wouldn’t have minded seeing reviewed. This might have been my best reviewed movie [huh?], so I’m on the fence about this whole thing. But I understand Paramount’s standpoint."


On whether he takes bad reviews personally:

"I make the kind of movies critics love to hate. They love dark and depressing movies. If you make those, you expect they will love you, you need them to love you. The kind of movies I make? They don’t enjoy commercial or popular movies."

"I get it, they don’t like these movies, they don’t get them. It’s like Michael Bay said, they don’t have a fun gene. These critics remind me of my 78-year old mother."


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The amount of fun and excitement in a movie is inversely related to the amount of eye rolls and groans that are produced by bad dialogue and acting.

The most fun and excitement I've had with a recent movie was watching over-the-top-good actors trade hilarious statements to each other throughout The Departed. You didn't need $65 million worth of special effects backing up a lame script to accomplish that.


this guy is just babbling in circles, cause he knows the movie sucked..

Good movies arn't always dark and depressing like he said (star trek for example) but they don't have to suck. Go ahead and direct another lame mummy or van helsing movie you untalented hack. Your nothing but micheal bay with a smaller budget.


He has a point. GI Joe was not unwatchable by any means.


I also feel GI Joe was not unwatchable by any means.But in some places because of high dense cgi effect,some cartoon like feelings are came in.I wish the director have a look on it in his coming films.Some of the scenes are exceptionally realistic particularly the race scene near the tower in paris.It's really bad to see that some hateloving(shame !! shame!!) people makes their dirty attack on him both personally and careerwise.they even attacked the mummy series which were blockbusters and celebrated by the masses.How dare are these people to pretend to speak for the masses!!Shame on you.I don't think their dirty attacks and intentions(by vomiting and filling the webpages with hatred against somebody and thereby ruining the webpages) are going to make any sense on the minds of filmloving masses.Let us through their intentons in the wastebox nearby guys.Also go ahead Stephen.You are the most suitable director(see junglebook) to make and present "Tarzan" to the masses(Not for hateloving internet bugs).Lots of film lovers behind you.Just go ahead.

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