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The zombie epidemic finally reaches Cuba

Herald TV critic Glenn Garvin, who many of us in the office suspect of being a zombie, alerted me to this story in Variety that claims filming is set to begin in September on Cuba's first-ever zombie movie.

Filmmaker Alejandro Brugues (Personal Belongings) will direct Juan of the Dead, about a Havana slacker who makes a nice little business hiring himself out to people who need to dispose of their relatives after the dead start to rise from their graves on the island. The movie is budgeted at $2.7 million, which is the Cuban equivalent of a Transformers picture. 


Brugues told Variety more than half of the budget is coming from Spain and that the film is not a political satire, even though the Cuban government initially dismisses the zombie epidemic as the work of dissidents.

Although vampires far outnumber zombies at the movies these days, the undead refuse to lay down for good. George A. Romero's Survival of the Dead is due in theaters next month (alas, it is easily his worst zombie picture to date - worse than Diary of the Dead) and Hollywood continues to circle Max Brooks' novel World War Z, which I believe could result in the greatest zombie movie ever, if done properly.

But the idea of Cuban zombies is rife with possibilities. For example, will the undead still crave pastelitos and plantains to go with their human entrails? Will the zombies be limited to how many people they can eat per day by their libretas? And just how old is Glenn Garvin, anyway?


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"Will the zombies be limited to how many people they can eat per day by their libretas?"

esa te quedo buena rene. i am laughing to myself just thinking how much fun a silly cuban zombie movie would be.

que mas sangre ni mas sangre asi viene el cerebro men!!!

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