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This blog is moving

Movers  Effective today, the Reeling blog will be moving to new digs at miami.com/movies. I will no longer be posting any updates here, although the blog archives will remain intact, for posterity's sake.

The new site has a much snazzier design and feel, and although it doesn't look like a traditional blog, I'm going to maintain it the same way I've maintained this page - although I'll have to be more disciplined and post more often, because the big bosses are watching now.

I hope you'll come check out the new site and register (it takes two seconds) so you can leave comments, which I really appreciate. The more feedback I receive from you, the more I am motivated to write. See you there!


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I'm ready! Let's move. Should we open a bottle of ????


See you over at the new place.


i will be following you to your new blog rene .good luck to you .


Congrats....Love to read your blogs. I will sure catch your blogs at the new place.

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